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Areas of Usage

It erases offensive odors on pets or in any indoor area that pets live. It should be used regularly against undesirable odors that may occur especially in houses and pet shops, closed area zoos, botanical gardens with animals inside, closed area circuses, and veterinary hospitals.



It is odor eraser. It can be dissolved by the nature. It is a mixture, and not poisonous or harmful. It does not give odor to environment. It does not cover an odor with another odor. It does not include alcohol, acid or toxic substances. It is need satisfying.It is a technological product and produced using conditioning technology.


Its Features

It does not harm human health, environment and animals. It is a nonhazardous (nonflammable, nonexplosive) mint-flavored liquid. It is licensed according to the EG safety database in the European Union (EG Sicherheitnblatt nach 91/225 EWG 648/2004EC Erstellungdatum: 01.09.2007). It is out of the scope of DTS Declarations 2009/5, 2009/13 and 2009/20.



Odor is a fact perceived by sense organs while gas molecules are flying in air. Gas molecules occur as a result of that living organisms are fed by organic substances. As those gas molecules include microbes which are a factor of diseases and odor carries those molecules, they cause infectious diseases spread out.


Way of Effect and Amount

It is used by spraying to air in houses and pet shops, indoor zoos, botanical gardens with animals inside, indoor circuses, veterinary hospitals and every environment with undesirable animal odors. Product sprayed to air erases gas molecules in air until it falls onto the ground. It provides low-pressure in that area and setlles on ground after gas molecules are destroyed. It continues to erase gas molecules in air passing over it. That circulation continues until it completely erases gas molecules in air in that environment. Thus, its effect can be seen within 3-4 minutes.



Sany Airfresh Pet is used by spraying 1-5 cc to 1m3 according to odor density. It is sprayed to moisten filters in air conditioners and air conditioning systems in houses and pet shops, indoor zoos, botanical gardens with animals inside, indoor circuses and veterinary hospitals. It does not leave stain. It is sprayed to wet ceiling, ground and seats in houses or work places with pets. It is wiped with a clean fabric after spraying to wooden walls, glasses, and mechanical and bakalite parts. If there are carpets in house or work place with pets, 100 cc Sany Airfresh Pet is added to carpet washer water before washing (No need for detergents). In the same way, 100 cc Sany Airfresh Pet is added to mopping water before mopping without adding detergents. Thus both cleaning will be done in your house or work place and odor will be erased. If there is a separate area for toilet training in your house or work place with pets, Sany Airfresh Pet is sprayed to wet that area.